• bbrianfoster

"How We Got Here" Short Film (SFA, 2020)

Watch the full short film here.

My writing process begins with visuals. I see the story before I write it. My process ends with spoken word. The story has to sound good to be good.

When I wrote "How We Got Here," I saw it all first—soybean crops, lakes with drangonflies and gurgling crappies, hogs, hills, woods, and family. I saw it, then I wrote it, then I read it over and over and over again, until the voice sounded like mine and not mine. Like the present and the past.

Then, with the support of the Southern Foodways Alliance—as a part of their fall 2020 symposium—I teamed up with Atlanta-based filmmaker Ethan Payne. He brought my vision, my words, and my family's story to life. In due time, the full short film will be publicly available. In the meantime, here's a sample. It is stunning.

Watch the full film here.