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"Source of the Week" (NPR, 2021)

In January 2021, I was featured in NPR's "Source of the Week" series. Per NPR, the Source of the Week is "NPR’s resource for journalists who believe in the value of diversity and share in our goal to make public radio look and sound like America. Each week, the site features experts of color across a wide range of topics.

Here's an excerpt from the bio that they provide:

Dr. B. Brian Foster is a writer who holds a joint appointment in sociology and southern studies at the University of Mississippi. Foster studies and writes about race and place—with special emphasis on questions and stories of racial stratification, regional development, and culture. His scholarship has been supported by the National Science Foundation and American Sociological Association. Most recently, his work has focused on black communities in the “Delta” and “Hill Country” regions of Mississippi.

To hear more from and about me, check out my Youtube page.

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