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I work as Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Virginia. I teach courses on a variety of topics, but most of them cluster around three themes: race, place, and sociological research methods (ethnography, oral history, and participatory mapping). Here are 8 things that I believe about teaching: (1) Give students grace and third chances; (2) Build in flexibility, (3) Scan the readings; (4) Cite Black women; (5) Communicate consistently and reliably; (6) Use "visuals" not "slides"; (7) Retire bullet points; (8) Don't require doctor's notes; (9) Office hours by appointment. 

Uses the story and words of the late Rep. Barbara Jordan—"Today, I am an inquisitor."—to survey the main people, ideas, methods, and theories that define the discipline and practice of sociology. Special emphasis on applying critical sociological perspectives to current events.

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Introduction to Sociology


past courses

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With readings from cultural studies, geography, history, literature, and sociology as our guide, a "trip" through various places in the U.S. to emphasize important figures, ideas, and theories in the critical study of race, social stratification, and systemic racism. 

Race, Place, and Space

A survey and applied demography course that uses the state of Mississippi as text and grounding space—introduces students to Mississippi history since 1960 and Mississippi culture from the blues to Jesmyn Ward. Covers concepts like race, the sociological imagination, and region.

Introduction to Southern Studies
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